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30th Annual Hill Country Home Tour

Thank you to everyone who made this year's home tour a huge success!

2017-18 Meetings

Luncheon Meeting Reservation Policy

With the exception of members who do not have access to a computer or e-mail service, reservations for the luncheon meeting will be made on line through Constant Contact. About two weeks prior to the meeting date, members will receive an e-mail with information on the meeting and instructions on how to register on line. If you are inviting a guest, be sure to reserve a spot for them when you make your reservation. Meetings are $15 per person. Lunch is included.

If you make a reservation and find you must cancel, you must do so through Constant Contact prior to the reservations closing date. If you do not cancel by this deadline, you will be responsible for reimbursing the Civic Club for your fee for the meeting. Your fee covers the costs for catering, venue, and the program. Shortly after the meeting, you will receive a letter from the treasurer reminding you of this policy and requesting payment.

We understand emergencies occur and, for emergency cancellations only, you may contact one of the Reservations Co-Chairs: Pam Eakin - peakin@sbcglobal.net or Susan Manley - smmanley5@gmail.com (512-392-1404).

Meeting Location & Time

Meetings are held at the Chapel in the Hills at 14601 RR 12, beginning at 11:00 a.m. Plan to come early to socialize!

Reservation Deadline: Friday, September 1st
Program: "Wimberley - There's No Place Like Home"
Details: Every wonder how Wimberley came to be? We have the people in the know from the Wimberley Institute of Cultures coming to let us in on the story of Wimberley and how they intend to protect and preserve the History of the Treasure that we have right here in the heart of the Hill Country. You don't want to miss this fun, fact filled presentation that you can share with all your friends.

Reservation Deadline: Friday, October 6th
Program: "Wimberley - Charity Begins at Home"
Details: The Wimberley Community Civic Club supports local charities by donating funds for them to continue their mission here in Wimberley. We have two Organizations that are eager to share how they are using the funds donated by the WCCC. We have Barnabas Connection and WAG coming to update us and then, we have a new organization, CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates) coming to tell us a little about what they do. This will be a special time of hearing how much WCCC impacts the Wimberley Community.

Reservation Deadline: Friday, October 27th
Program: "Wimberley - Home Tour"
Details: Rebecca Minnick, Erica Harrison and Laura Dalton are going to amaze you with the line-up of homes for this years "Home Tour". You will not want to miss hearing the excitement surrounding this fun filled event.

Deer Creek Birthday/Christmas Party

Reservation Deadline: Friday, January 5th
Program: "Wimberley - Fun at Home"
Details: Spring Events is the month we all look forward to and clamor for our coveted copy of "Spring Events" brochure. Linda Buckley and Esther Purcell are so excited to introduce you to the coming events so don't miss out, be there or be square, because the fun begins at Home in Wimberley.

Reservation Deadline: Friday, February 2nd
Program: "Wimberley - Home is Where the Heart Is"
Details: Jan Bethancourt is a native of Port Neches and married her high school sweetheart nearly 42 years ago. They have two children and six grand-children. She lives in Missouri City, Texas, a suburb of Houston. She has created art since the age of four. Jan graduated with a degree in fine arts from the University of Southwestern Louisiana and studied extensively at the Houston Museum of Fine Arts - Glassell school of Art. She began writing and giving presentations fifteen years ago. Prompted by her need to comfort her daughter, Jan wrote her first book, Be Empowered! Eat Chocolate with Breakfast. She has a second book titled Be Empowered! Don't Let Life Melt Your Chocolate which was inspired by the rigors of rebuilding her home after a devastating fire. Jan is in the business of encouraging women and inspiring them to recognize their worth. This will be an uplifting time that includes a project that you will make and take or donate to someone you know who needs uplifting.

Reservation Deadline: Friday, March 2nd
Program: "Wimberley - A Home for Everything"
Details: Tanya Kilgore, "Right Direction Organizing" is a member of the National Association of Professional Organizing. Tanya wants to lead you in the right direction for a more organized, productive and peaceful life. Since it is spring, who better to help us get a jump on our spring cleaning and find a home for everything. She has many helpful hints to help you get organized and stay organized. Here's your chance to learn a professional's secrets in the trade.

Reservation Deadline: Friday, April 6th
Program: "Wimberley - Local Home Treasures"
Details: You want to know what makes Wimberley so popular? Well it's the fact that we have lots of Texas Treasures right here in our small Wimberley Valley. I am always surprised when I hear that people who live here know nothing of our treasures. So we have some folks coming that will tell you everything you always wanted to know about BLUE HOLE and JACOB'S WELL. Theses are two sites that people come to from all across the United States. Come and learn all you can about two of our local home treasures.

DATE: MAY 11th
Reservation Deadline: Friday, May 4th
Program: "Fruits of Our Labor for Wimberley"
Details: This is the meeting you wait for all year. This meeting represents just how much our organization loves the Wimberley Community. Come be a part of the giving and gracious nature of the WCCC. It will bless your heart to see the distributions of the funds you worked so hard to raise and how your selflessness impacts the lives of those in our community.

Click here for our full calendar of meetings and events!

2018 Spring Event



Talk of the Town Dates
February 24, 2018
March 24, 2018

Wine Walk
April 5, 2018
Voted "Best Festival/Event Runner-up"

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