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30th Annual Hill Country Home Tour

Thank you to everyone who made this year's home tour a huge success!

About Us

2017-18 Board Officers
  • President - Anna White
  • 1st Vice President (Programs) - Christie Yowell
  • 2nd Vice President (Membership) - Shirley Schliessmann
  • Treasurer - Judy Fountain
  • Recording Secretary - Nancy Olson
  • Corresponding Secretary - Denise Treadwell
  • Home Tour Co-Chairs - Rebecca Minnick, Laura Dalton, Ericka Harrison
  • Spring Event Co-Chairs - Linda Buckley, Esther Purcell, Susan Cooper
If you wish to contact the President directly, please click here to send her an email. Any member may attend the monthly Board meetings, held the second Wednesday of the meeting month at the Visitors' Center, Chamber of Commerce, Wimberley.

Standing Committees

Consist of 3 Members serving 3 year terms appointed by the board.
  • Donations - Becky McCullough, Chair 2017-18, Marcia Sanderson, previous chair, Jennifer Morris
  • Scholarships - Karen Thormalen, Chair 2017-18, Elaine Cardenas, previous chair, Barbara Pevoto

Regular Committees

Consist of Chair and members in good standing to assist. One year term; board can extend to another year.
  • Benevolent Fund - Nancy Robertson
  • Deer Creek December Birthday Party - Betty Jo Slider
  • Directory Editor - Stephanie Miller
  • Historian - Anne Yusim, web coordinator
  • Hospitality/Greeters - Lynda Pyle
  • New Member Mentoring - Tonda Frady, Dina Rodriguez, Cassie Dyson
  • Parliamentarian - Nancy Robertson
  • Publicity - Aurora LeBrun
  • Reservations - Pam Eakin, Susan Manley
  • Fundraising - TBD

Appointed Committees
  • Wine Walk - Traci Linker, Denise Treadwell
  • Style Show - Carol Scheel, Stephanie Miller, Christie Yowell, and Tracy Calamari

Past Presidents
  • 1979 - Jane Richards
  • 1980 - Jan Jackson
  • 1981 - Ruth Allen
  • 1982 - M.F. Johnson
  • 1983 - Nancie Austin
  • 1984 - Julie Harrison
  • 1985 - Ruthie Gardner
  • 1985 - Sharon Brown
  • 1986 - Sally DeMasters
  • 1987 - Sally DeMasters
  • 1988 - Susan Holt
  • 1989 - Mary Joe Roddie
  • 1990 - Mary Davis Stamy
  • 1991 - Saza Dobie
  • 1992 - Della Brodrick
  • 1993 - Jo Ann Cloninger
  • 1994 - Jo Ann Cloninger
  • 1995 - Sybil Patterson
  • 1996 - Carol Williams
  • 1997 - Linda Hewlett
  • 1998 - Lynn Sykes
  • 1999 - Margie Criswell
  • 2000 - Billie Reece
  • 2001 - Dorothy Carter
  • 2002 - Beverly Hartsock
  • 2003 - Beverly Hartsock
  • 2004 - Kathryn Eoff
  • 2005 - Liz Starrett
  • 2006 - Jan Millard
  • 2007 - Pat Koeppe
  • 2008 - Barbara Pevoto
  • 2009 - Patti Morgan
  • 2010 - Darlene Kukla
  • 2011 - Darlene Kukla
  • 2012 - Tonda Frady
  • 2013 - Aurora LeBrun
  • 2014 - Aurora LeBrun
  • 2015 - Nancy Williams
  • 2016 - Nancy Williams

Greeting's from our President 2017-18

It is an honor to serve and represent such an active and successful group of women in our community! Our history is rich along with this special place we call home.

In spite of significant life changes in many of our 2016-17 chairs and members, such as moving, births, deaths and significant illnesses affecting them and family, they rose to the challenge and again made a remarkable impact in our community and the Wimberley Valley. We proudly distributed $50,000 to 31 different local non-profit organizations and $30,000 in scholarships to 14 deserving graduating high school seniors.

We were honored to be voted Best Non Profit of the Year in The View's Best of Wimberley Contest and Runner Up for Best Festival/Event to the Wine Walk.

This next year has already begun with your WCCC board beginning the process of planning the Websites, general meetings, Special Events, Home Tour, and Spring Events. Won't you continue to join us by donating your time and talents? Any amount of time is appreciated and will certainly double the joy of giving that cannot be purchased. We find friendships are made and strengthened by these activities to support our community.

My goal for next year is "Not to have too many Should Haves, Would haves, and Could Haves" in my actions, conversations and memories. Representing over 200 women will take a team effort. Please contact our board members regarding your interests. We look forward to visiting with you and working together.

Anna R H White, President WCCC 2017-18

The Civic Club Legend 1979-2018

In the spring of 1979, a group of women in the area recognized the need to reach out and meet the newcomers to our rapidly growing community. The Wimberley Community Civic Club was organized.

The purpose of the Civic Club is "to nurture a strong community spirit through service and financial support while fostering lasting friendships among the members."

Membership is open to all Wimberley area residents. We urge all newcomers to let us know you are here, come to a meeting, and then decide if you would like to join our group to help make Wimberley a better place to live.

2018 Spring Event



Talk of the Town Dates
February 24, 2018
March 24, 2018

Wine Walk
April 5, 2018
Voted "Best Festival/Event Runner-up"

(Book download is almost 5MB so it could take a few minutes to download. The book is only for viewing. The registration link will appear on January 15th.)