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30th Annual Hill Country Home Tour

Thank you to everyone who made this year's home tour a huge success!

Reborn and Strong Like Our Town
"Steel Heron"

On Memorial Day in 2015, the waters of the Blanco River rose well past its historic flooding level, over 40 feet. More than 700 homes were lost in Wimberley and, more than two years later, the riverfront continues to recover. Steel Heron is the result of the owners' commitment to the community and to building an extraordinary home that was designed to withstand any future floods. Substantially damaged in the flood, Steel Heron has been rebuilt as a sleek contemporary residence that takes full advantage of its unparalleled view of the confluence of Cypress Creek and the Blanco River.

Longtime residents of Wimberley, the owners lived on this beautiful stretch of waterfront even before the street was named by their artist neighbor, the late Bob Fowler. Fowler went through the process to have the street officially named Blue Heron Run because herons fly up and down the creek, stopping to fish along the way.

The owners, Pamela and Donn Lamoureux, reimagined the home to not only showcase their passions, but to inspire them every day. Pamela is a Real Estate broker and artist, and Donn owns a commercial architecture firm. "This piece of land is where we belong; it is our spot," said Donn, "We wanted to rebuild so that our home could be our forever home and survive anything."

The process has taken over two years and it has been full of challenges. The couple navigated numerous financial and design challenges to re-establish its roots here. "Rebuilding in your original location requires a lot of tenacity," said Donn. "There are so many considerations from building requirements and codes; to insurance coverage to finding and securing the assistance a homeowner needs in this kind of situation."

Engineered to withstand any future flooding event, Steel Heron is built on two levels. The first is where the couple's first home was built over 37 years ago and where they raised their two sons. Because of insurance and adjusted flood plain building regulations, living areas can no longer be at that elevation. Now, that floor consists of several open spaces that will be used for entertaining, Pam's art studio, storage and garage, all created from the remains of the original home. The outlines of the former walls in the foundation of the original home are still visible in the polished concrete floors on that level.

The new living space is approximately 2,200 square feet, with three bedrooms, two baths and an office. Donn has carried his background in commercial design into his personal home, with touches including Reglet reveal trim, a smooth baseboard treatment with a subtle notch and other finishes normally used in commercial buildings. On the side of the home facing the creek and river, walls of windows look out onto the waterfront through massive trees. The large main space includes open kitchen/living/dining space and a unique moveable wall to separate the living and master sleeping area.

To ensure full accessibility and convenience for the owners and their guests, an elevator was installed at the downstairs entry to the home. Two outdoor stairways, one at the front of the home and one at the back, provide multiple ways to access the living space upstairs. The front gate is a piece of art in itself. Primarily steel and wood, the door pivots into the first-floor space under the home. A substantial piece of a Cypress tree trunk reclaimed from the flood is the focal point of the gate and the front of the home itself.

While steel is used as a design accent, including the backsplash in the kitchen, Cypress trees downed in the flood provide dramatic focal points. The Sell Design Group of Wimberley designed and built the kitchen cabinetry as well as the hall light treatment: a horizontal slice of Cypress salvaged from the flood, backlit and with directional art lighting below. The final touch is embedded in the wood flooring below: another slice of the same Cypress trunk.

Steel Heron is one of five homes included in the 2017 Wimberley Civic Club Home Tour. Each home is unique and worthy of a visit. Tickets for the tour are $20 and may be purchased on line at www.wimberleyccc.org which accepts Discover, MasterCard and Visa credit and debit cards. You may also purchase tickets at the Wimberley Visitors' Center beginning October 30. Cash and checks accepted there.

The Wimberley Community Civic Club is one of the oldest charitable service organizations in the Wimberley area. Our fund-raisers attract visitors from all over Texas, many of whom return year after year. Net proceeds from our fund-raising activities are returned to the community through donations to non-profit organizations and scholarships to college-bound seniors. Wimberley Community Civic Club is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose main purpose is to nurture community spirit through service and financial support.

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